Business Plan Writers

We are professional business plan writers. When writing your business plan, we become collaborators with you to convey your company's vision clearly and to describe and illustrate its expected financial performance. We combine our experience in finance and market research to create a winning business plan for a hard-sell audience of investors, venture capitalists, and bank loan officers.

The Business Plan Store values entrepreneurs and respects them for the backbone they bring to the world of business. Their passion and ideas for their businesses need appropriate and careful expression. Often times you only get one chance with a potential investor/lender audience. We can articulate your company's core ideology and uncover your unique selling proposition.

Business plan writing and business financing are things we understand. A well written business plan that concisely, precisely, and fully explains your company's goals and methods of operation is required in order to obtain funding. It is essential that your business plan presents investors and/or loan officers what they need to see in a business plan and in the proper format. It is crucial to understand which type of financing best fits your business and personal goals in order to target your business plan to the appropriate audience.

Investor's Bull Market

This year is shaping up to be one of the most interesting years for venture capital ever. It is a new era in lending and investing. Kiplinger's reports that the 2015 investment outlook is promising. The U.S. has a six-year-old bull market that is anxious to invest capital in promising companies Your success in being funded will most likely hinge on a convincing business plan. Successful entrepreneurs know that every idea dies if it is not implemented on time. Delaying the launch of a product or service might leave a company behind the competition. The Business Plan Store will get you ready.

    It's time to:
  • Learn the metrics of your opportunity
  • Start doing business for yourself
  • Do that expansion you have been dreaming about
  • Go forth with a new sense of purpose

  • Your necessary tools include:
  • A good idea
  • Lots of energy, passion and persistence
  • A professional business plan

    Why choose us to write your business plan?
  • We provide an outside perspective to your marketing, sales, and operating strategies
  • We flesh out many of the unknowns in your business
  • We stage your business concept with its best foot forward
  • We prepare you for lender/investor scrutiny with solid financials
  • We write a living document that can be useful as you grow and evolve in the business world

  • We are experienced with proven expertise:
  • We have 20 years of experience writing successful business plans
  • We engage and energize your ideas with our creative writing and interviewing styles
  • Our approach explores your opportunities and convincingly describes them to your audience

    • Our business plans include:
    • Well-informed research describing your market niche
    • Creative business value propositions
    • Convincing sales and marketing naratives
    • Solid financial projections

    These are business fundamentals that work equally well in uncertain financial times. The Business Plan Store has created business plans with these stalwart principles for our clients resulting in a record of business successes.

    We work with you to write a professional business plan that describes your business, its products and services, its market and customers, its ownership, management and operational activities, and its philosophies, principles, goals and financial objectives

    When you choose The Business Plan Store to write your plan, you will work directly with the managing partners who will research your business and its market, develop pro forma financial statements, write your business plan, and provide advice and guidance throughout the process.

    When writing your business plan, we take your ideas and your vision and assemble them to meet the standards of the financial community. We specialize in working with our clients by analyzing their businesses and business concepts, researching demographic and market information, and scrutinizing methods of operation to create a business plan that works on paper before the business becomes a reality.

    Business Plan Target

    Our mission is to serve and nourish your innovative spirit with our experience, skills, and insights.

    Hit the bull's-eye! Invite us to join your team and move you closer to realizing your dreams. Spend your time doing what you do best. Let us do for you what we do best. We write comprehensive, confidential business plans, financial projections, and business valuations.

    To establish pricing we look forward to discussing your specific needs. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get you started on your road to success.

    Be noticed! Our remarkable product is your business plan. If you want to see it, contact us today.

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